Purchase Agreement

This agreement covers the terms and conditions related to purchasing any products and services purchased through FanBullet.com. Please ensure you read and understand all conditions before making any purchase.

1. Fulfilment of Orders

Once your product order has been received via the FanBullet.com website we will confirm your purchase within 24-48 hours. From here all orders are processed and will begin work within 24-48 hours of confirmation.

2. Traffic Estimates

FanBullet.com’s primary service to provide Social Media acquisition services. Under no circumstances can we guarantee fan or follower interaction with any of our services. Results will depend on the content submitted, time submitted plus other factors out of our control. For more information, or to inquire about how to make the most of our services, please contact us prior to placing your order.

3. Refunds.

While they may be issued, FanBullet.com will not offer refunds unless under special circumstances. While we will refund you the amount equal to 75% of the purchase price of a traffic campaign that didn’t achieve success, we will not generally issue a refund under any other circumstances. We reserve the right to determine the time frame of when a campaign should have been completed. We advise that you read our Privacy Policy and this Purchase Agreement fully before placing your order. If you believe you may be entitled to a refund, or would like some more information about refunds, please contact us through this website.

4. Service Dropout

As we have no control over any of the networks, there maybe a time when a small amount of likes are lost by these networks. We offer our clients a lifetime guarantee on all services so if for any reason your likes, followers or views drop in numbers (below our original target) we will top them up free of charge. Under no circumstances will the order be refunded in part or full due to a drop in numbers.

5. Third-Party Account Termination

As a result of using our service, you agree that any terminations of your third-party accounts as a result of using FanBullet.com services are at your own risk and in no way the responsibility of FanBullet.com or any of its affiliated parties or organization. You understand that by using our services there is a possibility that your site may be banned from social bookmarking sites like Facebook, or any and all of your accounts, whether paid, or free like Twitter accounts, may be closed. You accept all risk for this and< we may not be held responsible for any terminations. While we take due care and our methods are not considered spam, you understand the possibility for this to happen.