Leverage Data from your Facebook Page

The world is abuzz with “likes” and “commenting”, but do you really know how your audience is using Facebook? Do you have a Facebook strategy to help you grow your database?

These are some of the areas we recently explored with our national Facebook study.

With over 66K national responses, we asked some critical usage questions like:

• Have you ever “liked” a Facebook page to be part of a contest? National sample: 47.5% said yes

• How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook? National sample: 18.5% said 1 to 2 hours a day!

• Have you ever shared information about a contest or brand promotion with your friends on Facebook? National Sample: 31.8% said yes!

If you want to see how your market answered, go to: admin > reports > closed surveys > facebook survey.

How You Can Use the Data
• Use the new “Get Social” module in your loyalty program to incentivize your audience to earn points for ‘likes’ for clients
• Pay attention to how much time your audience spends with Facebook daily and create a strategy to post relevant content more often
• Understand where your audience goes to get information updates most often
• Create on air and off air promotions that can help you leverage your biggest fans social streams to encourage like minded people to sample your brand

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